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ARC - Communication Centre

The Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC)


At Kenton Bar we have a six place Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) for children with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Known as the Communication Centre or CC, it is very much an integral part of our school.


Places within the CC are commissioned by the Local Authority and spaces are allocated by a central panel who meet each half term. Kenton Bar Primary School does not control which children enter the CC and it is accessible for children across the Newcastle Local Authority through an ARC placement application.


The small group setting of the CC provides children with the opportunity to access learning in a small group setting designed for children with social communication difficulties. The CC is involved in all areas of school life at Kenton Bar and it aims to promote inclusivity and opportunities for re-integration into mainstream education at all times. The Communication Centre provides a safe and happy environment where children are able to build positive relationships with staff and children, develop confidence in themselves and enjoy learning, seeing themselves as successful learners.  


The Communication Centre aims for every child to achieve their best and become confident individuals living fulfilling lives. They also aim for the children to make a successful transition into secondary education whether that is a specialist setting or a mainstream school.


During the children’s time in the Communication Centre, we work with parents and other professionals to find an educational pathway within the Local Authority that best meets the children’s individual needs. After intense work and assessments in the Communication Centre, some children will successfully reintegrate back into a mainstream setting whilst others will be placed in a specialist setting or an alternative ARC that best meets their needs.