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Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

At Kenton Bar Primary School, we recognise that PSHE is an important and necessary part of our pupil’s education. Through PSHE education, our pupils develop knowledge, skills and attributes to help them to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for their future.  




In our Early Years Foundation Stage, we aim to:


  • Develop the children’s understanding of ways to keep healthy and safe

  • Develop the children’s ability to form positive relationships with adults and other children

  • Develop understanding of their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences.


In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we aim to:


  • Give pupils the information that they need to make good, informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing

  • Give pupils an understanding of the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships

  • Develop pupils confidence and resilience

  • Support children in being able to identify and express a wide range of feelings
  • Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life

  • Develop responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults

  • Develop and deepen pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values

  • Give pupils the knowledge and capability to take care of themselves and teach them how to seek advice when they suspect or know that something is wrong.

We have achieved Healthy School Status and are currently working towards receiving the Healthy School’s Plus award.  


At Kenton Bar the PSHE curriculum is delivered in many ways throughout school and can be taught as individual lessons, through circle times, through Science lessons and other areas of the curriculum, or through our curriculum enhancement weeks such as Safety Week and Health and Wellbeing Week.


From September 2020 Relationships and Health Education is compulsory in primary schools. We have always placed a great emphasis on both relationships and health education and have further adapted each year group’s schemes of work to incorporate all objectives of the new statutory curriculum across school.