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Indoor Bubbles


We all love bubbles. This activity allows children to make their own bubble solution by following a few simple instructions. You need a couple of spoons, a cup, a straw (a tube from a pen or a Calpol syringe work too), warm water and a little sugar, along with some washing up liquid. The great thing about these bubbles is that they stay in one place so you can play indoors without making a mess!



Build a nest


Birds lay their eggs in lots of different places. Some lay them directly onto the ground or onto rocky cliffs, but lots of birds build nests to keep their eggs safe. You may have seen tiny nests in bushes, or huge nests in tall trees. Birds build nests from the different materials they find in their environments. During this activity you are going to watch a video of a bird building a nest, then see if you can build a nest using the materials you can find around your home.