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Year 6 Transition to Key Stage 3



 In this section you will find all the information provided from school and from local secondary schools to support you and your transition into KS3. 


For those going to Kenton, there is a host of virtual videos that have been sent which show your new school and the staff, giving you a broader understanding of what school will look like in September.


Additionally, school have kindly purchased an online production from Big Foot entitled Upward and Onward. The production has been designed to help you understand what transition is and how it will impact on you on both a short and long term basis. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging all of us to reflect on the anxieties you may be feeling as individuals, as well as those shared by differing class groups, prior to beginning your transition. 


You will also find some fun PE challenges sent from the Kenton P.E Department. They are sending weekly challenges for us to be involved in, all you have to do is send your results to the teachers named on the challenge sheet.